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I often come to work rather early and I noticed that early people have a certain unmistakable look. It’s that look that says, “I could have slept a little more, but for reasons I don’t feel like talking about, I could not.” It’s a look that speaks loudly and often it amplifies or exaggerates a certain personality type. But, being human beings and social animals, we all try to fake it a little (that’s not meant in a negative way!) and I think we try to hide that look with a smile. I believe, even among the “nastiest” of all of us, there is a quota of “niceness” that we all have and often we cash some of it in with that first morning smile.

Now, when people run into each other first thing in the morning, most tend to hide their morning look behind a smile … but the smile, however powerful, is all too often inadequate to mask the real character and feeling we have first thing in the morning.

Here is what I mean:

For people with a tendency to be less friendly, they have this “don’t even think about it” look with a grudging smile. They look like they are forcing their face to smile; it looks rather painful☹! On the other hand, for those who are hyper friendly, they have that happy, almost goofy, borderline annoying look; “I am happy no matter what and will make sure you know it☺. Their smile, although real, seems too much for most morning people, but I will take it over the grudging smile☺.

And then, for those who are thinkers, they have this “I am friendly but please don’t bother me, as I am trying to solve world problems” look! Their smile looks more like a mechanical facial technique that is well thought out to use minimum energy and to ward off friendly people without offending them, sort of a technical smile. It falls somewhere between the grudging and the goofy smiles.

Then, of course, there is the “important people” look. I am not referring to a level here, otherwise this would be a career limiting blog. I am referring to people who feel important for whatever reason, real or imagined. They have this important smile, not too strong, not too soft, but borderline Royal!

Then there is the rushed smile that comes with the rushed look. It says, “I am good, I am friendly, but I am rushed and I have my smile on the move for you.” Often, it demands a continuous look with a turn of the head to perfect the rushed look! It’s quite something and demonstrates a certain talent to perfect. But, it has to be in the DNA of people to get it just perfect.

Of course, one can’t ignore the lazy smile that comes with a slow, low-energy level look. It’s friendly, but it’s painful as it demands your full attention. There is no chance for this smile to ever reach the rushed person, as it comes at you in a slow motion.

There are so many other smiles. Some smiles light up the room, some motivate, some are simply sweet and others sympathize, and one can’t forget those smiles that throw hearts all over the place—love smiles. How can you not be totally disarmed by the smile of a child or even a baby? Without question, smiles make you and those around you feel happier, healthier and definitely add value to the faces that wear them. There is much scientific research on the value of smiling. Here is a link to one:

My hope today is that this blog puts a smile on your face and adds value to it.