This PoifectWorld blog is inspired by the notion that the silent majority of people, no matter where they come from, no matter what race, religion or colour, desire a peaceful, happy, and just world. Poifectworld blog aspiration is to provide a safe positive space for those who want to live in an optimistic, peaceful and negativity-free world.   Whether at work or in our personal life, everyone including our colleagues, friends, family and people we don’t know, want a positive space where the only goal is to make their and the world around them a happy world.

We need to replace criticism with solutions, replace judgment with acceptance, and we need to replace being hard on each other’s with being easy with each other. It all starts with being clear, honest and easy with ourselves. For me, although it’s still work in progress, the first step was to make peace with myself, accepted whatever cards I was dealt and then I am on my way to positively change & build a better world for myself and in the process hope to build a better world for all.  So, this space will only focus on positive, going forward solutions, no negative language, criticism or judgments; there is enough of that elsewhere.

We are here on the planet for a short time, none of us will live forever, and we are all better off helping each other. There is no other way. In my experience no one can “truly” be happy knowing that their happiness was at the ruin of others.   Those who take advantage of other people’s weaknesses to advance their own are not happy; they simply have not found their way. I dare say, this applies to movements and nations!

Rather than judging people who may be different from you are, or have different views, turn that into an adventure of discovery and learn about the difference. Accept what exists as a fact and then discover the beauty of the human spirit and its capacity to be different, to be happy, to be creative, and to be enriching. Think of how much more beautiful a garden is when you add more variety of flowers, color, and fresh natural fragrance. Where there is no beauty, create some, where there is darkness, light a candle.

Self-awareness is the first step to full awareness. To understand the world outside ourselves we need to understand the world inside us.   Philosophers tell us that our personal world is a microcosm of the world at large… When we become just and treat each other justly our world will be just. If each one of us adopts a peaceful posture, our larger world will be peaceful. There is no doubt that a more just world is a more peaceful world.

What unites us is the human spirit and when human beings are in need, it will rise in hope to help; it excludes no one.  The human spirit is in all of us and we need to develop our awareness of it and our capacity to contribute. We need to enrich our stock of love inside us because we can only give what we have.

We need to pay attention and develop solutions that include each other. That’s where hope comes for all of us.  After all it’s our world, we all have a right to be here and live a happy, fruitful, meaningful life.   It’s our inherited gift and when we quiet the noise around us we can hear the sweet melody that unites all of us.

Finally we the silent majority will be silent no more, so while I am on the planet, flawed as I am as most humans are, I feel I have a responsibility to make things better, and yes I dare say to make the world a better place, BUT never in hate, vengeance or violence. I am declaring the dark age of conflicts, negativity and inhumanity is over and will be replaced by the enlightened world of positivity, optimism and human harmony. Be part of this human orchestra of life!