On my way to pick up my mail, I noticed a school bus driving down my street, two young children stepped off the bus and were greeted by their mom. She picked them up and gave them an unbelievable hug that only a mom can give. A hug saturated with pure raw love for her children. She then took her son and started playing with him, rolling around on the grass, while on her back, she lifting him on her feet as though he were an airplane or Superman and then proceeded to do the same with her other child. She continued to play with both, chatting and laughing with them, both children talked to her at the same time and somehow magically she managed to talk to both of them patiently without shushing either one – it was a scene from Mom’s heaven!! She then stood up, adjusted their clothes from all the playing and took each one by the hand and headed home. Once out of sight, the scene stayed vividly in my mind.

You may ask what is so special about this, most, if not all moms do the same thing. For some reason this scene hit me deeply. The following day, it happened all over again, with my direct line of vision to the bus – the mom, the school bus, the two children, the hugs, the rolling in the grass, more play time, the chatting patiently, and the final walk home. She does this every day!

I could not help but think I should walk over and tell her how much I admire what she does with her children but then I realized I might only spoil the purity of their moment. 

When I was working full time, I did not spend much time observing a mom’s love in action. Too “busy” to enjoy these precious moments – work should never be in the way of these experiences. Now with the luxury of owning my time, I am able to observe and live these special moments of a real mom with her two children, giving them what not only children, but all of us need – unconditional love.  For some reason, some  people cringe when the subject of love comes up, they may think it is too personal or too committing, but it’s not, love is all about unconditional giving, something that seem to come natural to moms.

It made me realize and become more aware of the unconditional love my mom gave me. As a child, she lovingly spread Vapor Vicks on my chest at the slightest sign of a cough, and comforted me with loving words. She always gave my siblings and me her undivided attention, she patiently listened to our silly stories, and there were real doozies!

All the moms I know do some form of this in one way or another; they unlock the gates of their hearts for their children and become capable of doing the impossible! 

I really believe if ‘we’, the people of the world unleash the power of our hearts on today’s challenges, we will have a world we all want!  Such is the magic of love!     We really ought to try it, let our guards down, unleash the power of love, and that will fuel any great thoughts that we may have for making our world a better place for all!

So rather than talk to my neighbour, I decided to share these beautiful moments, moments that add love, hope and optimism to my life and I hope it does the same for you.   When you look at the world with your heart, life can take on an entire new path of comfort, calm and gentleness.  I dare say that a future in the hands of children grown up with so much love is indeed a bright future. Our world needs more loving moms so I dedicate these words to all the moms of the world!   I salute you with love❤️