• mz-photoAnd now, the last step in the six-pack of success.

Step 1: become a learning machine

Step 2: work smart

Step 4: work hard

Step 5: work in a team, and now …

Respect all – Live your life through values and not through people. This means achieving your goals by cooperating with people and being guided by values. At the heart of cooperating with people is respect. Employees are the backbone of any business, the real substance of its existence. They are not simply an instrument of production to be used like any machinery to generate output. They are the decisive factor in the success or failure of your organization. So it is crucial to know that people live and die by values and for me, respect is at the centre of all values.

If you want to advance in your career, and strengthen your organization, then respect your colleagues, managers, staff, clients, suppliers, vendors, the people who water your plants and clean your windows, and any person around you! Fight the temptation to be disrespectful especially when people are disrespectful to you, or when you find yourself in a group where others seem to pile it on. Be respectful, period! Being respectful is self-empowering. When you focus on what’s good in people, you reinforce what’s good in yourself.

All too often, people confuse disagreement with disrespect. Disagreement is not only acceptable, it is often desirable in order to generate diverse, purposeful and insightful views that advance the organization’s overall goals. Disagreement often challenges our intellectual and emotional capacity and allows us to be both nurtured and grow. Disrespect, on the other hand, is never acceptable. Disrespect has no meaningful purpose or positive social value; rather, it often leads to further disrespect that generates wasteful distraction, stress and unhappiness. From time to time, respectful people are faced with a stressful experience and become disrespectful; they quickly realize that this does not work and regret such disrespect and move back to a respectful posture.

Every time you send an e-mail, give an opinion, or participate in a discussion, ask yourself: Am I being respectful? You should do that especially when you are upset! This is hard to do, I know, but it is certainly worth the effort. Practice makes perfect! Respect is not only your ticket to career growth, but also to happiness in the workplace and in life!

In business as in life, allow values to shape your personal brand. Not just tactically, but in all cases, be guided by values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, humanity and, of course, respect. Make these values part of who you are. Be generous, trustworthy, and authentic in living these values and your life will take on a remarkable step forward. Values are your secret weapon to high performance and indeed to a happier life. Respect leaves you in high spirit, calm mind and grateful heart and that’s where all the magic is… Be well my friend, with love!